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Kesic Wedding

Kesic Wedding – I just love the black & white treatment for these. The brides dress and the traditional Navy uniform make these images timeless.
Were these taken in 2013 or 1913?

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Megan and Ben Remix

Ok,, so the first video was FAST and EXCITING! However, maybe a little too aggressive for some of our audience.  So, through the magic of whatever magic exists, I have remixed Megan and Ben’s video. It still moves pretty quick to fit all the photographs in, but it’s a little mellow-er, if that’s indeed a […]

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Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Bond

Steve and Dani Ann Bond had a beautiful wedding ceremony in their sweet, hotel suite at The Hotel. A limo ride and some fun photographs at a nice Venice themed hotel (nameless to protect the innocent)  😉 topped off our day for this fun and endearing couple. Here are a few teasers, all in black […]

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